Monday, April 06, 2009

Small World Indeed

Tom Arsenault, ASAP's President, enjoyed sharing information about ASAP's program last week-end on a spectacularly beautiful spring day on the riverfront in Savannah GA.

Michelle Riley, from the Freeplay Foundation happened to stop by ASAP's information booth. Michelle is the only US staff member of this Foundation, which is based in South Africa and the UK. ASAP provided Freeplay's hand cranked radios to rural schools in Zimbabwe for years. The majority of rural schools where ASAP works do not have electricity, so with Freeplay radios, schools could access educational programming as well as short wave broadcasts which were not subject to government controls.

There are no coincidences and we look forward to building on the synergy between Freeplay and ASAP as we work to improve the daily lives of the rural poor in Africa.

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