Friday, April 03, 2009

Savings Brings Smiles

By Regai Tsunga
It is once again all smiles as these ladies from Sherukuru Village in Mutasa go through their routine savings and lending Session. These pictures, taken by Collins Mutsvairo today, show that saving in USD has brought much joy and relief to ASAP’s VSL groups. The value of savings is now guaranteed and the prospects for handsome returns on their investments are huge. Click here to read more about ASAP's VSL project.
Having seen all their savings in Zimbabwe dollars eroded and made worthless manure by the rampaging inflation, it was all gloom and doom for the otherwise enterprising rural women. The dollarisation of the Zimbabwe economy has resulted in the virtual condemnation of the local currency as all goods and services are now sold in the stable USD, South African Rand and the Botswana Pula.

ASAP Field Officers continue to maintain high visibility within the communities to instill confidence given the previous recent negative experiences with the Zimbabwe Dollar.

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