Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ASAP’s BTG Project Contributes to Ministry of Education 100 DAY TARGET

by Regai Tsunga
In Zimbabwe the Ministry of Education, under the new inclusive unity government, has identified provision of text books as a top priority. A 100 day target has been set to reduce the student to text book ration to 1:3 to allow for meaningful use by pupils. For some schools, the textbook to pupil ratio had gone up to 1:40. In such a situation the children sit in threes with the one at the center having the book directly in front while the other two flank the child at the center and read from either side.ASAP is happy to be contributing to this target again this year through the Bridge the Gap Math teacher training project, which is already making a difference at Grade 7 level by providing Math revision materials for pupils in 2009. Previously, through a Rotary sponsored a literacy book drive, by working together, the Peachtree City Rotary Club, along with the Fayette Daybreak, Fayetteville & Borrowdale Brooke (Harare) Rotary Clubs, ASAP was able to provide two 20 foot shipping containers of gently used reading and text books to improve the situation in the BTG schools.

ASAP was honored by a recent visit by the Provincial Education Director for Manicaland, Mr. Peter Muzawazi. During discussions, he informed ASAP’s Bridge the Gap Project Manager, Collins Mutsvairo (center), of the new initiative.From a textbook survey conducted by the Ministry in the province, the text book situation in most schools had deteriorated to unprecedented proportions. After the teacher, the textbook is regarded as the next most important and indispensable resource for effective teaching and learning.


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