Saturday, June 02, 2012

Help on the Way for Girls in East Africa

Education for Girls Benefits Society

Girls in East Africa will receive a boost from a new initiative to provide learning opportunities, life and livelihood skills for under-served youth. It has been well documented that more education for girls translates into later marriage, smaller families, increased child survival and reduced incidence of HIV/AIDS. In other words, it benefits the whole society. To learn more about this exciting new initiative click here.

At ASAP we know that students' merely attending school is not enough. When teachers are unskilled, unmotivated and schools are under-resourced, the need to improve the quality of education is as urgent as assisting girls to attend school. This is why, in addition to funding school fees since 1994,  our work to improve math education in primary school has been ongoing in Zimbabwe since 2000. Click here to support this important work today.