Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Great Resource About Africa

The African Leadership Transitions Tracker aims
to start a broader conversation about leadership transitions
and what they mean for the region and beyond.
The Brooking Institute's new resource - The African Leadership Transitions Tracker  - is amazing. This easy to use tool summarizes changes in the Head of State in every African country from independence to today. The interactive timeline is easy to use and intuitive... Click here to try it. 

ASAP's passion for learning and understanding Africa remains strong. We continue to collaborate with the programs we created in  Zimbabwe and Malawi; which operate sustainably and independently today, continuing to cultivate self-reliance for families. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Thanks to the Church of Christ Youth Ministry

Jacob Richardson, Jason Cagle, Jade Dale, Hannah Adams, Richard Harp (Youth Director), Joshua DeCaeny and Paul Anderson, put their faith into action at “Tools For Empowerment”
These volunteers from the Church of Christ Youth Ministry sacrificed their Saturday morning, and did an amazing job preparing tool kits for vocational school graduates in Haiti. Their Ministry plans to volunteer each quarter, giving youth in Haiti the tools for success! Click here to read more.

You can help too! Click here for more info on how to volunteer. ASAP needs more groups like The Church of Christ Youth Ministry.  Working together at "Tools For Empowerment", our compassion will provide the tools for success to families in Haiti and throughout the developing world.