Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Food Security in Southern Africa Improving

Since 1985, the Famine Early Warning Systems Network project analyzes a variety of data, such as market prices of food, precipitation and crop failures to predict when and where food insecurity will occur, and issues alerts on predicted crises. FEWSN reports the overall food security situation in southern Africa for the 2009/10 marketing year was favorable, with a regional cereal surplus of 476 000 tonnes compared to a deficit of 1,78 million tones registered in 2008/09. To read more click here.

In Zimbabwe, about 1.7million people are estimated to be food insecure during the current peak lean season running from October through February. To read more about the situation in Zimbabwe click here.

In the southern regions of Malawi, where ASAP works, mid-season dry spells have caused crop failures. To read more about the situation in Malawi click here.