Monday, July 14, 2008

Teaching Math in million percent inflation

Ever wondered what it is like to teach Math in a society that has million percent inflation???

Well... it makes it harder when the text books used to teach Math cannot keep up with the current situations. Consider this. When the ATM only gives out Z$100-billion at a time, enough only for two loaves of bread, students in grade school are learning about things like Z$1, and 20c and so forth. Many Zimbabwean children have never seen that type of money. These are the textbooks that were being used when I was in grade school 12 years ago!!!!! Year on Year inflation today is estimated to be around 12 million percent (no official figures from government). In textbooks, story problems portray a shopping basket to contain Milk for 25 cents, Bread for 50 cents and 2 cokes for 40 cents. I wonder what these children must think of "that" money. They have never seen it, and under these conditions they will probably never see it

ASAP has a program called Bridge the Gap which works in the rural areas to improve education standards. BTG is a program that is helping more and more students stay in school by learning to appreciate what they are learning. Too many students drop out of school after the primary level because they cannot afford to continue. ASAP Africa also equips teachers to educate effectively through holding teaching technique workshops and helping teachers to develop common exams for their area. Through these efforts at easing the transition in math education between primary and secondary school, ASAP Africa hopes to increase the percentage of students who make the jump with success.

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