Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A letter from Zimbabwe

Life is so stressful now here in Zim. Everyone thought normalcy would return soon after the elections but it is now apparent that things are getting worse. Only today, the price of a kingsize soft drink went up from Z$15 Billion in the morning to Z$65 Billion by sunset. There is no electricity often times and most people have to rely on candles for lighting that now cost $45 Billion each. For those who use (household) gas for cooking, the price is now Z$3,8 Trillion for a 20 Kg tank (contents only)!!! A quarter chicken and chips for the odd lunch now cost close to Z$450 Billion. When stressed, I find golfing a coping strategy. If I decide to play, I normally choose Wednesday afternoon from about lunch hour and spend two or so hours before returning to the office.

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