Thursday, July 17, 2008

A poem for Africa

A new era is upon you.
One to replenish all of your sins
and it all started,
with your sponsored child sweet little grin.

She/he thanks you now.
For restoring her/his life.
You relieved her/him
from all her/his recent pain suffering, and strife.

Her/his expression will never change.
It will always be a smile no matter what is going on
and all her/his past memories
have faded out of her/his mind and are gone.

She/he looks up to you and
sees you as a hero.
Because you proved to him
that he can be more then just a zero.

She/he says no matter what he does or
how he does it, it will never be enough.
To repay you for showing him that he
can be more than enough.

Sean Wilson

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