Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Life that Changed

A poem from Field Officer Paul Mundete

We were leading shameful lives,
Lives full of frustrations,
We had lost all hope,
Living from hand to mouth,
We always wondered,
What tomorrow would bring forth.

ASAP came to our reserve,
Gave us hope,
Bright ideas,
At first, we were afraid,
What fear! Fear of the unknown,
ASAP answered our prayers,
Gave us confidence,
The sense of ownership,
Restored our lost pride,

Thank you ASAP,
Carry on with that work,
That of uplifting people’s lives,
Rescuing us from shameful hands of poverty,
ASAP, We salute you.


1 comment:

boojam said...

It breaks my heart to see what has become of the place I gave 4 years to (82-86). They were the days when Mugabe was still the good guy of Africa. What a disaster. Wishes of good luck may seem pretty empty but it is sincere and I look forward to returning sometime when he has gone and Zim is getting back on its feet.