Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Africa Day

Today as I was trying to organize my hopelessly cluttered picture files, I came across one photo that reminded me of what non-profit fundraising should look like. This picture, taken on May 25 at ASAP’s Africa Day fundraising dinner shows Will Pesante presenting a very large check to one very surprised executive director, Elizabeth Bara. After hearing Mrs. Bara speak at their school about the overwhelming needs in southern Africa, Will and his classmates from Sandy Creek High School were moved to action. They held several fundraisers including a car wash and managed to raise almost $1,000!

Their fundraising efforts came at an incredibly busy time in their lives when they were preparing for finals and graduation. Though it would have been easy to say that other people who were older, had more money, or didn’t have to take finals could do more, the students decided to do what they could to help people they had never met. At a time when skepticism and criticism over non-profit fundraising is growing, the students of Sandy Creek High School demonstrated what charitable giving should look like: unselfish service. It makes me wonder, “What could I do if I stopped thinking about me?”


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