Wednesday, July 01, 2009

JB Bids Farewell to ASAP Malawi After 1 1/2 Years of Selfless Service

On Thursday, June 25, ASAP Malawi held a farewell party in honor of one of its dedicated team members, Jeanette Batiste, whose contract with ASAP in Malawi came to an end. The farewell party, which was held in the evening at Matechanga Conference Center in Chikwawa district, was patronized by ASAP staff, district and community level partners and stakeholders. In the picture below Jeanette takes to the dance flow and is joined by some of the invited guests.
Jeanette, popularly known as JB within ASAP circles, joined ASAP Malawi in February 2008 as Program Coordinator to help with institutional development and establishing the organization in Malawi. In her brief but touching and moving speech, Jeanette expressed her thanks and appreciation to the ASAP Malawi team, now being led Victor Katchika-Jere.

“ASAP is still in its infancy, but it is in the hands of a great and capable team led by Victor and with the support of our partners, I believe and know that Chikwawa and other districts where we will be expanding to, will see what ASAP is doing,” she said.

A representative of the District commissioner for Chikwawa District Assembly said the district will remember Jeanette for introducing to the district an organization which had transformed the thinking and mindset of many people at the grassroots. “In a few months ASAP has been operating in the two project sites, we have seen community members who were previously dependent on relief aid and free handouts mobilizing themselves into functional groups to do something about their socio-economic situation,” he recounted.

He also added that the assembly and local leaders were pleased with ASAP’s community mobilization and development approaches and strategies which emphasize on community empowerment and ownership.

Speaking on behalf of the ASAP Malawi team, Victor Katchika-Jere, ASAP Malawi Country Director, wished Jeanette all the best as she was leaving ASAP and all the success in her future endevors.
Pictured here is Victor presenting a gift to Jeanette as her smiling husband looks on.

“I, on behalf of the ASAP Malawi team and indeed on my own behalf, would like to congratulate you tonight on your unstinting and selfless service to ASAP. You were a hard working, friendly, collegial, smart, down to earth, and "one to learn from" individual. I can safely say "We" are proud of you and what you did for the organization and those it serves,” concluded Katchika-Jere.

In addition to speeches, the party had drinks, snacks and a disco to add colour and pomp to the occasion.

Jeanette, who was in the company of her husband, received curios as symbolic gifts from the ASAP Malawi team presented to her by Katchika-Jere. Pictured here is Jeanette acknowledging and showing off her presents.

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