Monday, February 23, 2009

Creative Synergy

ASAP is honored to be a part of Seeds to Cedars a beautifully inspiring creative endeavor by Jessica Davis. Please click here for a preview.

About the Film Maker
I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. My father was employed
by an oil company based there and I did not come to live in the
states permanently until I was 13. During my time there I was present
to witness the Gulf War. Since that time I have felt strongly drawn
to philanthropic causes and ending global suffering. The task felt so
large, and impossible. During the course of my life, I have witnessed
the “impossible” become the possible. This inspired me to have the
desire to make others aware of how they can not only make the impossible
happen, but allow others to also experience the miracle of it.
Assisting one life can in turn assist the world.

Jessica Davis – Film Maker, Small Business Owner

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