Friday, February 20, 2009

".. by looking at the children"

ASAP field officers live in the rural communities where they work, becoming a resource and asset to that very community. From this perspective, the positive impact of the village savings and lending, small business and agricultural skills training are obvious, just by looking at the children in the village. But to donors from the outside of these communities it may not be so obvious. Zimbabwe is experiencing unprecedented hardships, with inflation reaching over 400,000,000%!
During a meeting last week between ASAP, Concern World Wide (CWW) and the European Commission, the question posed after the first year of the three year project - does active participation in savings clubs REALLY improve lives in this environment?
Joseph Miti, ASAP’s Field Operations Manager had to do some convincing, explaining how the 500 resilient and resourceful women already involved the project have adapted the savings club methodology to meet the unprecedented challenges and hardships of life in Zimbabwe today.
The meeting ended on a happy note as ASAP’s Country Director Regai Tsunga and CWW’s Adgar Montalbaa agree to continue the project partnership to work together to benefit an additional 1,000 women and girls in the Katarere area of rural Zimbabwe in the next two years.

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