Thursday, September 25, 2008

Schools Working to Improve Lives in Rural Zimbabwe

ASAP Africa is thrilled to announce the receipt of two generous donations from schools with students looking to change lives. Students in the seventh grade at Einstein Middle School in Shoreline, Washington raised close to $500 for Zimbabwean school children through events including a community walk, bake sale, and car wash. We are very appreciative of the selflessness they showed and their willingness to aid in the sustainability process.
Our other recent donation came from the opposite side of the country, where two kindhearted seniors at Lakeland High School in Jermyn, Pennsylvania, are working toward a cause. Sam Parry and Sarah Liparulo have, so far, raised over $500 through coffee sales for ASAP and are not nearly finished fund raising. These two students decided to aid ASAP and work toward the goal of self-reliance in rural Zimbabwe as a senior project. We are so happy that these schools have chosen ASAP as their cause and hope this will inspire similar measures from others.

Sarah Liparulo and Samantha Parry working for ASAP in Jermyn, Pennsylvania

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