Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Surprise from Grace Church School

by Elizabeth Bara, ASAP Executive Director

Today ASAP Africa received a cookbook with a drawing of Chef Rover on the cover from the Grace Church School in New York. As a lover of both dogs and cookbooks, this really caught my eye. The letter included with the cookbook is attached.

“When last year’s 6th grade at Grace Church School voted on which organization would be the beneficiary of our class cookbook fundraising project, ASAP Africa came out the overwhelming favorite. Students and teachers contributed recipes that were meaningful to them and wrote short accompanying narratives detailing why they had chosen those dishes to share. The children illustrated every recipe, to entertaining and often humorous effect. The resulting publication was a delight and not only garnered monetary contributions to your cause, but brought the grade together as a team united in service of the global community. The children raised $1001 for your organization, a check for which we are happy to enclose in this letter.

We stand together in respect and admiration of all that you do and are thrilled to add the fruits of our labor to your efforts. Good luck on your continued mission.”

Every one of us at ASAP is honored that the 6th grade class has chosen our organization to receive the proceeds from this wonderfully creative fundraiser. We want to thank every student and faculty member and wish to express our sincere gratitude. We are also thankful that the Hudson Orbe’s Marinara Sauce is not actually radioactive! The cookbook is so delightful and the drawings are absolutely amazing. It is cherished – as is the generous contribution to our work!

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