Thursday, July 13, 2006

Take Charge of Your Life with Kufusa Mari

Kufusa Mari participants often raise livestock for nutrition and income generation.

“When ASAP Kufusa Mari finally arrived in Nyanga West, it was like a long awaited day had finally come”, said Martin Matimanga from Village 7A Nyarumvurwe. He is amongst the first clients to join the RSCP at Ruware cluster in June 2004 and has defied all odds in his endeavors to running a project of his dreams. The group comprises seven members, 3 couples and a widow. Others, too, are doing well in their respective projects.

Matimanga who borrowed $500,000,00 in September 2004 managed to trade and had a reasonable profit. By the end of the month he managed to order chicks (broilers) and repaired his water tank, which supplied water to his garden. He also extended his garden and could feed his garden from manure from the chicken run. In no time he was supplying his chicks to local hotels around Nyanga.

With profit coming he managed to buy a boar and soar pigs. He also added some pipes to his garden project and increased the area of crops under irrigation. Luck was on his side as the soar gave birth to eight piglets. The chicks and pigs need some stock feeds and they are very expensive.

To my surprise the projects need less working costs when started. Profits after selling some of his produce are used to buy chicken feeds. Chicken droppings are then used to feed the pigs, the dung from the pigs is then used in the garden and the vegetables and grain from the garden also goes to the pigs and the chickens.

Each of us has the capacity to transform his or her life by choosing not to think or behave like a victim. I have come to the conclusion that our attitude to life determines the path our lives will take.

-Lovemore Manjoro, Field Officer

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