Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Novelty of the Bridge the Gap Project

When I first heard about Bridge The Gap, I wondered what it was all about. When our school established its School Math Club, I thought it was just another club to while our time during the boring afternoon activities. Today I now understand what they mean in BTG and School Math Club.

In BTG we do interesting activities including competitions. Most of the things we do are what we learn in class. In the past Math used to be a subject that gave me a lot of problems. I used to struggle finding the answer. At times I could not finish the given work. I was just too slow. In our school Maths Club we learn to add, subtract, divide and multiply, and think mathematically.

The quiz competitions help me think very fast and solve Math problems in a very short time. I am now among the first students to finish the work we are given in class. I have learned to write very fast, neatly and accurately like what we do in our school Math club. I now enjoy learning Math. I want to be a mathematician.

Written By:
A Form One Pupil
Crossdale Secondary

Compiled By:
D. Fombe
Bridge the Gap Cluster Coordinator

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