Monday, October 21, 2013

Can Entrepreneurship be Taught?

  According to Steve Mariotti, The Founder of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, this is not open to debate. His mission is to build a global movement so every young person can learn how to start a small business. But many disagree with Steven and believe that entrepreneurship is not a  teachable skill; that the intrinsic motivation required to succeed cannot be learned. Click here to read more about these opposing views. Click here to read Richard Branson's thoughts.

Steve shared his five basic lessons for young entrepreneurs recently in Cambodia High Schools:

  1. Never compete; instead, find out what everybody else is doing and then don't do it.
  1. Hire the best and brightest, and provide incentives for them like profit-sharing.
  1. Get your economics of one unit accurate. The unit that solves a problem must be clear and concise and you must know not only its price, but also its full costs.
  1. Learn how to communicate your story, which has to be absolutely true and streamlined, but must answer the question of what your life's work will answer. 
  1. Always have a business plan that is based on comparative advantage. 
Click here to learn more.
Steve Mariotti believes in teaching entrepreneurship 

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