Friday, May 11, 2012

Schools Opened This Week in Zimbabwe

The new school term opened this week in Zimbabwe with teachers threatening to strike, if the government fails to meet their demands by June.“Teachers returned to work for the new term very angry and apprehensive, because the government still has not reviewed salaries and conditions of service. Also,violence against teachers has once again been on the rise and there has been no attempt to secure the working environment,” Zhou told SW Radio Africa on Tuesday. To read more click here.

There's a presidential election being planned in Zimbabwe in 2012 and rural education suffers when politics prevail.  The unpredictable and often dangerous environment demoralizes teachers. In 2008 all humanitarian organizations (including ASAP) were forbidden to operate. This is why ASAP has decided to temporarily suspend our ongoing Improving Math Education Primary School Project during 2012, using the time to examine what has worked during the past 7 years and bringing in new expertise to increase learning outcomes and results in the future.

If you struggle to find information from Zimbabwe, an excellent source of independent news is SW Radio Africa.

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