Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Unconditional Money in Malawi

A World Bank study that put money in the hands of girls and their parents in Malawi's poor southern region make us ask - are conditions necessary?

An average of US$10 per month was handed out to a group of girls participating in the study on condition that they attended school 80 percent of the time so to remain eligible for the stipend. It made no difference to the outcome when no conditions were imposed - the girls participating in the study attended school 80 percent of the time, and in both cases the school drop-out rate also fell by 40 percent. Click here to read more. As with these women pictured above in ASAP's Internal Savings & Lending program, when rural families have access to discretionary household income, it is most commonly used to educate the children. This is not mandated - but for parents to desire a better life for their children is universal. Click here to read more about this life changing micro-finance program.

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