Monday, March 29, 2010

Enoch Katchika-Jere Goes Home for the Week-end

Victor Katchika-Jere, ASAP Malawi's Country Director,is pleased to report that Enoch spent the week-end resting at home for the first time since his birth on March 16th. On Wednesday Victor explained:

"My wife fell sick in the middle of the night on Tuesday. We rushed to the hospital and was told by doctors that her blood pressure was precariously high. The doctors were left with no option but to prematurely terminate the pregnancy through Cesarean section in order to save lives of both the mother and the unborn baby. She was operated on yesterday afternoon at Mwaiwathu Private Hospital and gave birth to a baby boy! The mother’s condition is now stable and the baby is in the Intensive Care Unit"

The story has a happy ending and we are happy to welcome Enoch into the world!!

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