Friday, December 11, 2009

Low Input Garden Philanthropy in Zimbabwe

Production from low input gardens (LIG) near Mutare has been so successful that LIG farmers chose to support other vulnerable individuals with products from their respective gardens by donating a week's supply of vegetables (rape, spinach and tsunga) to needy institutions in the area. This included St. Josephs Infectious Disease Hospital, Sakubva Eye Unit and Zororai Old People's Home.
ASAP is one of the Mutare base partners in The Joint Initiative Project, which is working to reduce urban vulnerability in 12 communities in 6 urban areas throughout Zimbabwe. LIG includes training in how to establish low income gardens; land preparation, seedling preparations and maintenance, mulching, inter cropping, compost making, record keeping, keyhole gardens set-up(pictured) and seed retention.

Featured here in her low input garden in Sakubva with her daughter-in-law and grand daughter is Mrs Eldina Chandakabata.

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