Thursday, May 21, 2009

A poem recited by Providence Simbarashe Majaha


You people like me in Zimbabwe
I am encouraging you to work very hard
In order to produce enough food for your families
ASAP has introduced better methods of living
“Mukando” where people gather and plan their future
“Mukando” where people learn how to calculate interest.

ASAP has done its duty
Let’s play our duty too
Our local authorities, my fellow people
Let us join hands and have a better life
Let’s develop our country
Zimbabwe is our country
ASAP has introduced “Mukando”
So let’s come and join hands through “Mukando”.

You rural people
“Mukando” is waiting for you
There is room for everyone
God bless you
Thank you

A poem recited by Providence Simbarashe Majaha at the official launch of the Kufusa Mari Mutasa project 21 April 2009. Simbarashe belongs to an ISAL club at Sanyamandwe cluster. He joined the programme in October 2009 together with his mother, two sisters and two other children.


Simon Mugabi said...

Dear Elizabeth,

It is so awesome reading a lot of achievements for the people of Zimbambwe and Malawi. I have just emailed you regards to possible partnership with a community initiative I am working on in Uganda with similar focus with ASAP. I would like to share with you more on the plan and the progress so far. I have been a VSO volunteer with UNICEF Kenya and I am soon ending the assignment by December 2009. I will be returning back to Uganda so that I coordinate this project.

Regards, Simon Mugabi

Anonymous said...
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