Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Prayers for ASAP Field Officer's Family

Kenneth Bariri's wife and his 9 month year old son were attacked by cholera on Thursday 19 March 2009. Nurses at Elim Hospital treated the patients and sprayed the whole family members by disinfectants. The two are now in stable condition under detention and close surveillance at the hospital. We pray that they soon recover.

There have been over 4,037 deaths from cholera in Zimbabwe since the outbreak began in August 2008. ASAP field officers are actively involved in cholera prevention in the areas they serve, working together with Catholic Relief Services and UNICEF.

In Malawi last week, Jeanette Batiste was surprise the discover her neighbor's child was also suffering from the disease. To date there have been three cholera cases reported in the Chikwawa region of Malawi.

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