Monday, May 05, 2008

Zimbabwe run off could face delay of up to one year

From combined sources- The Guardian (UK), LA Times

Zimbabwe's second round of voting could, the ruling party has stated, be held in one year. Election officials will meet in the coming weeks to decide a date for the run off election. The law requires the second round to be held within three weeks of the original election, but the commission has the power to extend the period between the elections.

In the first round, as shown in the post below, Mugabe won 43.2% of the vote compared to 47.9% of the opposition candidate Morgan Tsvangirai. A third candidate, Simba Makoni, won 8.3% of the vote. Makoni would subsequently drop out of the 2nd round of voting. The delay in the announcement has sparked the opposition to claim that the government manipulated the results of the first round as their figures showed Tsvangirai won 50.3% of the vote.

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