Monday, June 04, 2007

What's Next!

The hardships in Zimbabwe are affecting everyone and it proves to be a frustrating time. Below you will read a message from Samanga an ASAP Kufusa Mari Senior Field Officer as he expresses his frustration towards the economic situation that he faces every day.

“I wish to bring to your attention the hardships which are affecting my social life as well as work.

Busfare has gone up from Z$5,000.00 to Z$20,000.00 a trip which makes it Z$40,000.00 per day. I need to buy bread for my family and myself. A loaf of bread costs Z$12,500.00. Rent has gone up from Z$80,000.00 to Z$350,000.00 per month. Meat has gone up from Z$30,000.00 to Z$80,000.00. This is affecting me psychologically at home and work. Considering that I was paid last week and this week everything has gone up.”

ASAP felt that this message adequately painted a picture of the ever-changing economic hardships that Zimbabweans face day to day. We hope that this message gives our supporters a real idea of what life is really like.

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