Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Sigh of Relief

My name is Magaret Derera. I am aged 39. My husband passed away in 2005. Since that time I have been a begger. No one of my husband’s relatives helped me since the economic hardship destroyed the extended family structure in Zimbabwe.

I was begging for everything from food, rent, to school fees. Even now I am hungry but I am not going to buy food with this Z$10,000.00 which I have just borrowed but I am going to start a project. Z$10,000.00 might be small but for me, it is a lot of money. I have never handled Z$10,000.00 since the death of my husband.

Look at my smile. I am smiling from deep down in my heart – It’s a sigh of relief.

By Mrs. Magaret Derera of St Joseph’s Cluster on 09-03-2007 talking to Senior Field Officer Samanga after forming the Rujeko Club and loaning Z$10,000.00.

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