Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kufusa Mari Sustainability Report

ASAP is implementing a new Kufusa Mari Internal Savings & Lending Project that is funded by The McKnight Foundation. The Savings and Lending program is a magnificent project that teaches the people of Zimbabwe financial skills that will be passed down for many generations to come. The skills obtained through participation in this project have proven to be life changing for most of its faithful participants.

The first Kufusa Mari Internal Savings & Lending Project began in October 2002 and ran through June 2004. This project was located in the rural Nyanga district of Zimbabwe (Nyanga East). Our second project ran from June 2004 through December 2005 in Nyanga West. The projects proved to be a great success and both are still active today even after ASAP's exit.

ASAP is proud to begin the new KM2 project. Our first activity was to conduct a sustainability report that provides critical information in ensuring the success of our newest endeavor. We are continually making strides towards "a world without poverty."

Click hereto veiew the report now.

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